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"Mark helped us expand all of our divisions within Canada for a period of approximately 12 years. 
Mark was instrumental to our success in Canada. He approached us several years before we decided to expand into Canada with a plan for initial entry into the Country. He believed that we would do well and he was right. Once we did in fact decide to venture into Canada we interviewed many firms, both large and small, in addition to meeting with Mark.

We chose Mark and I can tell you that we were happy that we did. Not only did it save us time it also saved us money in the long run.

Mark is truly professional and I trusted him like anyone else who worked internally for me. He was very loyal to the Gap. He was my eyes and ears  in Canada and without him I do not think we would have obtained the locations or deals that we approved. He is very well respected within the industry and has one of the best reputations in the country. He also did work in the States for many retailers and I know that he was well liked and respected by the Developers that we were doing business with in the States as well.
Mark was truly part of the team and although we could have brought Canadian Real Estate in house years earlier we found Mark's assistance invaluable. He worked well with every Department that he dealt with.
Not only was he able to assist us to obtain locations for our stores he also helped us obtain our Canadian Head Office as well as our Warehouse. He also recommended the Canadian Lawyers that we ended up using. He is very well connected.
Mark has a great client list and I think that your Company would fit very well with the type of retailers that he is associated with. I know that he could be a huge assistance to you."
Charles Cristella
Formerly, Vice President Real Estate Gap Inc.

"I have worked with Mark since 2007 and I must say, Mark is the ultimate professional Retail Real Estate Broker. He treats your business as if it were his own. He has wonderful relationships with all of the Canadian developers, and he receives a tremendous amount of respect from the Landlord and Tenant community. Mark is a true pleasure to work with and will easily fit in as any retailers partner and friend as they grow their Canadian business."

Natalie M. Turpan
SVP Real Estate & Leasing, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation

"Mark is one of the top retail consultants in Canada. A consummate professional, it's no wonder that he routinely represents the very best retailers in Canada. I cannot recommend him enough."

Ian J. MacKay